Fall Book Bundle - Pokey Jr and Counter Terrorism by Brad Hauter

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Pokey Jr - Even Roosters Get Second Chances

From the moment he hatched in the back of a Prius, Pokey Jr seemed destined for a life of adventure and leadership. From cute little chick to proud leader of the flock, he seemed to have it all.  But life is unpredictable...and Pokey Jr’s was no exception. This is the story of his rise to power and fall from grace. A story of the power of an unlikely friendship between a man and a rooster, the magic of love and the importance of second (and sometimes third) chances.  It is the story of car rides, coffee runs and just hanging out. This is Pokey Jr’s story…and mine.

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Counter Terrorism   

There are 24 hours in each day. Between computers, cell phones and cars there are more ""time saving"" devices than ever before, but everyone has less available time. There are more exciting activities in the world today and yet suicide rates and drug use continues to rise. We tell ourselves daily that our quality of life is improving and yet we have more disorders and depression than ever before in our history. Counter Terrorism explores the current path of our society, how we got here, and ways out. Readers will learn how we were not meant to chase things, we were not meant to chase wealth, but we are meant to chase dreams and to pursue passions.

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